Qantas is trying to manage these mega-trends that could apply to any startup

Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images

The Qantas results are out, with a $1.5 billion underlying profit marking a triumphant completion of the airline’s turnaround story.

One of the hits to the top line was a $121 million fall in mining-sector-related flight sales, a natural by-product of the winding down of the resources boom.

It’s just one small example of the kinds of the environmental challenges that an airline needs to be able to manage. But the airline’s results presentation also highlights some of the global trends that it is seeking to address with its strategy. From the investor deck:

How is it addressing these? With the US economy recovering, Qantas has entered a new partnership with American Airlines, and it is seeking to build a strategic foothold in the Chinese market through its alliance with China Eastern. China this year became Australia’s number one source of inbound tourists. The company has also taken a stake in Data Republic, a Sydney-based startup which enables secure transfer and management of data.

These are giant global trends which companies around the world are seeking to address. It’s just that a company with global scale and reach like Qantas needs to be especially attuned to them.

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