Qantas Is Rolling Out Business Class Seats That Recline During Take Off And Landing

The new A330 business class seats

Qantas is putting new Marc Newson-designed business “suites” in its A330 fleet, with flatbed seats that allow passengers to stay reclined during take off and landing.

The seats will feature on 15 routes, including Asian destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila and Shanghai, as well as the Honolulu route.

The first of the refurbished planes with appear in late December on flights between the eastern capital cities and Perth, followed by international routes from January. Qantas is awaiting final CASA approval for passengers to remain horizontal during take off and landing.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the new seats will offer “the best travel experience between Australia and Asia, and probably the best domestic travel experience anywhere in the world”.

“There’s enough space to eat while continuing to work, which is something our business customers said was very important to them, and plenty of storage room to keep the range of electronic devices that people now travel with,” he said.

“A key point of difference from all other carriers is that the seat can be in recline and fitted with the mattress from take-off right through to landing.

“With many Business passengers enjoying a meal in the lounge prior to travelling, this means more time to rest and sleep.”

Every business class passenger will have aisle access in a 1-2-1 configuration of the seats.

Meanwhile, the economy cabin on the A330s is being refitted with the next-generation of Recaro seats after the version currently in the A380 and refurbished B747s.

The latest Panasonic eX3 inflight entertainment system, with larger seatback touchscreens is also being installed on the international planes.

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