Qantas is putting its app on the Apple Watch so you don't miss any more flights

Tim Cook at the Apple launch event. Photo: Getty

Qantas is updating its smartphone app for the upcoming Apple Watch, promising details such as gate information, boarding times, and even your boarding pass on your wrist.

Lead designer on the project, Gabriel Santos, said the app is designed as a travel companion with up-to-date information throughout your flight, including a colour scheme of green for on schedule, orange for delays and red for cancellations.

“The way it’s worn and used on a day-to-day basis changed the way I thought about the way our customers travel. It’s all about making it easy for customers on the day of travel,” he said.

“The app will let customers spend time doing other things while they wait for their flight, whether that’s having a coffee or doing some last minute airport shopping”.

His favourite feature is Glances, which delivers relevant information in one touch.

“For example, when you arrive at your destination, the app will tell you which baggage carousel to collect your bags from,” he said.

An Apple Watch will cost between $AU499 and $579 and is due to be released in Australia on April 24.

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