Qantas will let you squeeze more into your hand luggage

Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images.

Qantas is tweaking its hand luggage policies so that passengers can bring a heavier bag onboard its domestic flights.

From March 25, the Australian airline is going to let customers bring cabin baggage weighing up to 10kg on board its aircraft, as well as a second bag weighing up to 4kg.

The rule applies to all passengers, regardless of what class they’re flying or what their frequent flyer status is.

Currently, passengers are allowed to take two 7kg bags, so the total weight limit is not actually changing. The physical size limits of the luggage will also remain the same.

Qantas said the change is being introduced after a trial in the summer, which included weighing customers carry-on bags at the boarding gate and interviewing hundreds of passengers.

Customers said the 14kg limit was adequate, but the 7kg limit on individual bags was too low and difficult to adhere to, according to Qantas.

Qantas Domestic CEO Andrew David: “Most customers on short business trips and weekends away only travel with one carry-on bag plus a small personal item.

“We’ve had feedback from our frequent flyers who said they can easily keep within the 14kg limit but would like flexibility in how they use their cabin baggage allowance.”

The news may not be welcomed by the Qantas cabin crew, who often have to help lift heavy bags into overhead lockers.

Virgin Australia allows customers to bring on two pieces of hand luggage weighing up to 7kg each, while Jetstar only allows passengers to take 7kg in total, unless they pay extra.

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