Qantas Is Being Sued And Independent MP Rob Oakeshott Is Involved


ABC News has reported that a group of eight Aboriginal men are taking Qantas to court after they were allegedly kicked off a plane and detained in a bus.

It has been nearly three years since the incident in which the men — aboriginal leaders — were turfed off the plane before it left Sydney Airport, with independent federal MP Rob Oakeshott on board.

“I think we were discriminated against by Qantas because there was only eight Aboriginal people on the plane,” said one of the men, an elder of the Dunghutti people from Kempsey Michael Edwards.

ABC News reports that the men are suing Qantas for false imprisonment, after they were removed from the plane and allegedly held in a bus on the tarmac for an hour-and-a-half.

Qantas has disputed the claims, with a flight attendant saying she was verbally abused and was unable to get the men to calm down, according to The ABC.

Oakeshott has weighed in, telling the ABC: “From everything I saw they were behaving no different to anyone else who is a bit excited about catching a plane.”

“It was an extremely heavy-handed response to some actions which, from where I was sitting and where my chief of staff was sitting, we thought was certainly over the top.

“I think that would be the reaction of most people that were on the flight.”

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