Qantas finally made an awesome safety video worth watching

A screengrab from the new Qantas safety video.

Getting people to pay attention to the safety video demonstration is always a tough task, but for several years Air New Zealand has absolutely nailed it with videos featuring the Lord of the Rings, Sports Illustrated models, Bear Grylls and even the crew nude, covered in body paint.

The 2015 effort, featuring All Blacks rugby stars in a parody of the Hollywood blockbuster “Men in Black”, was an absolute cracker and perhaps finally provoked Australia’s national carrier, Qantas, to finally lift its game.

For years the Qantas demonstration has featured a benevolent pilot turning around and asking politely for everyone to pay attention. It was boring and easy to ignore.

But the new version rolling out across the Qantas fleet in February is just awesome, showcasing the best of Australia in 17 stunning locations, from the life-jacket demonstration at Bondi Icebergs, to the oxygen mask demonstration set up like an installation at Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art, and Josephine Falls in Queensland turned into the emergency slide demonstration.

A woman hang-gliding at Stanwell Tops, south of Sydney, delivers the familiar line “every aircraft is different”. A truckie on a road train in Alice Springs explains the seat belt.

Qantas says that while it’s primarily about safety, the airline has partnered with Tourism Australia and plans for promote the places featured in the video over the coming year.

CEO Alan Joyce said he was confident it would grab everyone’s attention.

“We saw an opportunity to celebrate Australia itself,” he said.

“The result is something that we believe is really special and powerful, but warm, funny and down to earth at the same time, because it’s about everyday Australians.”

Here’s the 5 minute 28 second video:

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