Qantas Freed Up An Entire A380 With Its Cuts And Needs To Figure Out What To Do With It

File photo: Getty / Don Arnold

Planes only make money for airlines when they’re flying. As part of Qantas’s massive restructure announced today it will be making changes to services between Melbourne and London to reduce the time its A380s stay on the ground.

The Melbourne service, QF9, currently departs Melbourne at 4.15pm and arrives in Heathrow at 5.10am the next day. It then leaves London at 10.15pm that night. This is a 15-hour turnaround time and Qantas wants to cut that back under changes to kick in by the end of this calendar year.

But the result of these timings means an entire A380 is freed up and the airline now needs to figure out what to do with it.

“Qantas will evaluate opportunities to use the aircraft on other routes,” according to the strategy update.

There are a huge range of other changes to the fleet which you can see here, and Lifehacker has a summary of the flights affected.

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