Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has personally donated $1 million to the same-sex marriage Yes campaign

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce. Photo: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has made what he calls is a “significant” cash donation to the Yes campaign for same-sex marriage.

The Australian Financial Review says the amount is $1 million. Joyce’s pay packet in 2017 is expected to hit around $25 million, swollen by the value of shares he earned turning Qantas to a profit from a loss.

“The Australian Financial Review understands Mr Joyce’s donation is the largest individual contribution so far to the ‘yes’ campaign but it is believed two or three other business leaders have also pledged sizeable donations,” the newspaper reported.

Last month Joyce said: “I am proud of the fact I’m an Australian citizen. Where else in the world would an openly gay Irish man become the CEO of one of the biggest brands and most iconic brands … ?

“I will personally donate a significant amount of money to the campaign because I am passionate about it. I will spend as much time as the campaign wants me to speak about this.”

Joyce has been been under attack for using Qantas to push for change. Earlier this year Joyce had a pie pushed into his face in an apparent protest at the support for same sex marriage by Qantas.

Other business leaders have also come out to support same sex marriage. They include Australia’s richest man Anthony Pratt and AGL chief executive Andy Vesey.

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