Qantas can now automatically put your holiday Instagram pics on your out-of-office autoreply

Sorry, I’m not
checking emails right now… Photo by Athanasios Gioumpasis/Getty Images

Here’s a new way to brighten up those dull out-of-office auto-replies.

Instead of a standard line Qantas has launched a service designed to provoke envy among your friends and colleagues about your holidays.

The new Qantas Out of Office site allows you to link your email address to your Instagram account. The service will then dynamically update your out-of-office autoreply message with any pictures you post with the #qantasoutofoffice hashtag.

What does Qantas get out of this? The airline wants to inspire more people to travel.

“We know that tips from friends and colleagues are the highest driver for people when choosing their next holiday destination, so we saw an opportunity to encourage travel through the millions of out of office emails being sent every day,” said Qantas brand, marketing & corporate affairs executive Olivia Wirth.

“Whether it’s a snap of a traveller relaxing under a palm tree in the Whitsundays or sampling dumplings in Hong Kong, the images will create travel envy and travel aspirations.”

The feature works for anyone with a Hotmail or Gmail account, including those on Gmail with a work email domain. Outlook users receive a link for their OOO message that goes to a webpage with their travel photos.

Here’s how to spruce up your OOO message with a pictorial travelogue:

Click “get started” at and enter your Instagram login.

Enter your name and where you are going.

Choose a greeting.

Punch in when you are leaving and when you’re coming back.

Type in your out of office message.

On your holiday, use the hashtag #qantasoutofoffice for any Instagram pics you want to add to your travelogue.

Bingo – friends and colleagues back at home can see how good a time you’re having everytime they send an email to you!

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