PHOTOS: The Ancient Roman City Where Qadaffi May Be Hiding Weapons


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

NATO Officials fear that Qadaffi may be hiding weapons in Leptis Magnis, an ancient Roman city in Libya, according to The Washington Post. Leptis Magnis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the most important archaeological site in all of LibyaQadaffi could be hiding the weapons here in hope NATO would not bomb since it is such an important site. But, NATO officials say the would not rule out bombing the area if it is found to be a military staging ground for Qadaffi and his troops.

Leptis Magnis is located on the Mediterranean Sea, about 81 miles outside of Tripoli.

Leptis Magnis is about 81 miles outside of Tripoli

It became part of the Roman Republic in about 146 BC

It's on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea

This beautiful structure is almost completely intact

All that is left are beautiful ruins

A piece of Italy or Greece in Africa

A measure converter from about 8 BC

Stairs leading underground

A gorgeous location

One of the more well preserved ruins

There were statues with Roman faces

He's got a few tricks up his sleeves

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