A Q&A With Google's Digital Marketing Evangelist

Q&A With Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist (Quartz)
Avinash Kaushik says that the key to effective marketing online is generating a conversational rather than a shouting tone. He attests that loyalty programs “can move from being programs where once a month we send members an annoying e-mail with the latest offers, to instead constantly engaging with our most loyal clients, in a day-to-day way that makes those clients’ lives better.” Read more advice from Avinash >

How To Use LinkedIn To Boost Marketing And Sales

(BI Intelligence) 
In our latest report, we break down the LinkedIn advertising and marketing ecosystem, and analyse the tools that will help you increase B2B sales using the professionals’ social platform.  Read >Google Offers New Training Courses For Digital Marketers (Google) 
Learn With Google is a series of webinars that offers training to marketers. Upcoming courses include: 

  • Improving Your Search Campaigns with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
  • Google Shopping 302: Advanced Optimization Tactics 
  • Kick-Starting Social With Google+ 

Check out all the course offerings >

The Role Of Social Media In SEO (Social Media Today) 
Search ranking algorithms are constantly being updated in order to serve the most relevant results to users. As social media has more of an impact on the lives of Web users, so too does its affect on search rankings. Social media engagement, mentions, incoming URLs, and back links are just some of the metrics that are believed to be determining where websites appear in search results. Read >

David Karp Defends Porn On Tumblr (TechCrunch) 
In an interview on “The Colbert Report,” Tumblr founder David Karp admitted: “We’ve taken a pretty had line on freedom of speech, supporting our users’ creation, whatever that looks like, and that’s just not something we want to police.” The question remains however: With Tumblr under the guidance of Yahoo, will the site have to be purged of its porn content in order to attract more advertisers? Read >

Facebook’s U.S. Sales Chief Explains Why He’s Leaving (Business Insider) 
Facebook’s U.S. Sales Chief Tom Arrix is leaving the company after seven years. In a note posted on Facebook, Arrix said: “I feel strongly that the work I set out to take on here at FB is complete, we built the foundation for the future of our Ads business. And because of that, it’s an ideal time for me to move on.” Read >

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