This beginner-friendly coding language is used at Google and Dropbox


Whether web development is your calling or web developers’ six-figure salaries are, coding is an undeniably great skill to have on your resume.
Individuals who can speak computer languages fluently are in high demand in today’s job market.

Take Python, for example: It is the programming language of choice at Google, Dropbox and Pinterest. It’s also very beginner-friendly if you’re considering switching careers.

The Pure Python Hacker Bundle teaches you Python from the ground up and takes you step-by-step through topics, like building geolocators to find local restaurants and writing automated scripts to test the functionality of a software system.

The six courses are the real world, hands-on experience you’ll need to create your own user-friendly apps. Right now, the bundle’s over 45 hours of in-depth instruction is just $US49.

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