Police were forced to intervene after a massive 5-metre long python stopped traffic in Queensland

Facing the task of waiting for a massive five-metre python to cross the road, Australian police brought out the jokes.

“Boss, we’re going to need a bigger ladder,” they wrote on Facebook with a photo of the enormous snake.

The Queensland cops had encountered the amethystine python, also known as a scrub python, near the small community of Wujul Wujul, 345km north of Cairns, on Saturday night.

Sergeant Ben Tome sent his colleague, Acting Senior Constable Chris Kenny, out of the car to stand next to the giant for a photo.

“Not fond of the police attention, the scrub python made his way quickly off the road so the officers could continue on their way,” Senior Constable Heidi Marek said.

David Walton from Cairns Snake Removals told the ABC the officers made the right decision not to handle the five to six-metre snake themselves.

“Certainly if you were to attempt to pick it up or grab it or poke it with a stick they can swing around quite quickly and if he grabs hold of you, you’re in all sorts of trouble.”

Amethystine snakes can grow up to 8m long but this one was an impressive size given how close it was to an urban area, Walton said.

This article first appeared at Stuff.co.nz. See the original here.

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