PwC Has Just Teamed Up With Google To Help Businesses Cope With Tech Changes

PwC Australia CEO Luke Sayers. Source: Facebook.

Just a day after Microsoft said it would give away unlimited cloud storage to consumers who purchase its Office apps, Google has hit back signing a massive deal with advisory firm PwC.

PwC has struck a deal with Google to develop new services which educate clients on how technology is changing their industries. It’s also starting to introduce Google for Work products internally, transitioning 40,000 people in the United States and 5,000 people in Australia to Google Apps.

Under the deal the companies are hoping to pool Google’s strength in innovation, tech and internet scale with PwC’s industry and research experience.

“For our clients, acquiring the knowledge most important to their operations, securing that information and using it optimally are critical – now more than ever before,” PwC Australia CEO Luke Sayers said.

“PwC is teaming with Google to offer our joint knowledge and capabilities to clients – giving them one place to go, maximising experience and assets from both organisations.”

The deal will cover three areas.

  1. Ramping up productivity using Google’s Apps and cloud tools.
  2. Gaining insights using analytics to optimise operations has provide better customer experiences.
  3. Making more informed decisions using the right technology to innovate.

Google said the deal will help businesses innovate, grow and embrace cloud technology so they remain relevant.

“Millions of companies, large and small, look to Google to help them launch, build and transform their businesses,” Google for Work president Amit Singh said.

“It’s great to see PwC lead by example, accelerating their own journey to the cloud that will lead to enhanced collaboration, greater speed and ultimately, transform their business for the digital era.”

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