How Not Having A LinkedIn Photo Can Actually Hurt Your Job Search

Photo: Betty Braun / Flickr

Not adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile could raise eyebrows and make employers wonder what you’re trying to hide.

Furthermore, profiles with photos are seven times more likely to be found by recruiters, according to LinkedIn.

Eric B. Meyer, an employment lawyer and author of the blog “The Employer Book,” told the Society for Human Resources Management¬†Next blog that it doesn’t make sense to worry about being a target for discrimination on LinkedIn with photos because recruiters can find out that information about you elsewhere:

If a recruiter does not obtain demographic information directly from the potential hire, it is still possible that the recruiter will eventually “stumble upon” this information and see what you look like. That is, a recruiter is likely to Google you, and then check you out on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace.

In these cases, the potential hire may have a difficult time establishing discrimination. Not only would the potential hire have to show that a decision not to hire was made based on demographic information, but also that the recruiter, in fact, obtained this information.

So rather than worry about a potential discrimination action, where appropriate, take advantage of the opportunity to include a quality photograph to set yourself apart from the competition.

With that said, you should make sure that the photo you do post is appropriate. A professional head shot will send a better message than one of you with a drink in Cancun. 

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