Putin Was A 'Philanderer And A Wifebeater' During His Time In The KGB

putin KGB yearsPutin during his KGB years

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

During his time heading up KGB operations in East Germany, Vladimir Putin was described as a “philanderer and a wifebeater” in reports compiled by German spy agency BND, reports the Daily Mail. While stationed in Dresden, Putin, unbeknown to himself, was being paid special attention by a BND agent, code named “Balcony” because she had large breasts. German newspaper Berliner Kurier reports that she managed to uncover another side to Putin.

Masquerading as a translator, the agent became a confide of Putin’s wife, Ludmilla, who proceeded to open up and reveal her husband’s abuse and disloyalties.

London’s Evening Standard reports that the revelations have been confirmed by German intelligence experts, one of whom said he was absolutely confident that Putin was a big “sexual player.”

The German reports were uncovered recently by BND expert Erich Schmidt-Eenboom who has written numerous books on the spy agency.

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