All Of Russia Is Snapping Up Putin-Themed Sweatshirts On His Birthday

While Russian president Vladamir Putin celebrates his 62nd birthday with a trip to the Siberian forests, Russian designers our honouring their leader’s big day with a new collection of sweatshirts featuring images of the president in sunglasses.

A collection of Putin T-shirts were launched in the summer, but now Russians have a warmer version to add to their wardrobe.

Souvenirs and slogans featuring the Russian president have become hot items this year, according to the Associated Press.

The sweatshirt shows a 'spy-version' of the president wearing a pair of sunglasses.

A costumer shows appreciation for his beloved President.

People queue to buy Putin-themed shirts at GUM, the state department store on the Red Square in Moscow.

All the salespeople wear the Putin sweatshirts.

With a whole range of Putin-themed apparel, everyone can choose their favourite colour.

There are items for women, too. In this picture, a lady tries a hoodie with a military Putin on it.

This woman can choose between a coloured and a black-and-white version for her shirt.

Sales at the department store have been particularly good on Putin's birthday, according to the Associated Press.

Some artists are more creative. This person, for example, decided to take the celebration a little more ironically, drawing the face of the President, and other world leaders, on potatoes.

And this artist has drawn Putin's face on a toilet paper roll. Happy birthday, Putin!

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