PUTIN: Snowden Is Just 'In Transit' At The Russian Airport, And He Needs To Get To His Final Destination

Vladimir Putin Russia

Edward Snowden is officially in a Moscow airport as a “transit” passenger, Reuters reports.

Apparently, he’s using Moscow as a layover to … somewhere else.

Russian president Vladimir Putin, responding to Snowden’s arrival, said the sooner Snowden leaves for his final destination, the better for him and for Russia. Though Putin also noted that Snowden will not be sent to the U.S. because he “has not committed any crimes in Russia.”

The Obama administration’s voiding of Snowden’s passport may cause a snag as he tries to leave Russia for his “final” destination.

An unnamed “well-informed source” who talked to Russian news agency Interfax noted that the voided passport may give Moscow a pretense to detain Snowden in order to “establish the circumstances” of his arrival.

Detainment could conceivably include, at least temporarily, confiscation of Snowden’s belongings, to include his files and computer.

That would, of course, be of a detriment to American intelligence.

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