There's A rumour That Vladimir Putin Literally Made It Rain On An Opposition March This Week

Russia Moscow ProtestAn image from the march on Tuesday

Photo: AP

Russian opposition leader and Duma deputy, Ilya Ponomaryov, has written a post on his blog that speculates Vladimir Putin and the Russian government created artificial rain to dampen the spirits (and bodies) of those taking part in an anti-Putin march this week.Ponomaryov claims that he analysed some rain water from the march in a laboratory and found “an abnormally high content of silver iodide” — a compound used to “seed” clouds for rain. His speculation gained over a thousand comments, many supportive of his theory.

Russian authorities are denying the charge, with Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Deryabin telling Ria Novosti that clouds had actually been seeded in a bid to keep the sky clear for Tuesday, which is also Russia Day, a national holiday — so possibly this is just a result of the shaky nature of cloud-seeding technology?

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