HOUSE OF THE DAY: Putin's Secret Billion Dollar Palace On The Black Sea


Photo: Ruleaks/Wikimedia Commons

The Russian Wikileaks has posted pictures of Vladimir Putin’s secret palace on the Black Sea. Soon after the pictures went up at, the site was blocked by Russian authorities.A letter from Russian whistleblower claims the Prime Minister has been building a palace on the Black Sea since 2006 that has cost close to $1 billion. Dr. Sergey Kolesnikov accuses Putin of paying for the palace through bribery and theft.

Putin’s office maintains that he hasĀ  nothing to do with this palace.

The palace is still under construction

But it's beautiful already

And it's huge.

Here's a look into one of the courtyards

And the view of the mountains

Another courtyard, this one is surrounded by the mansion

There's also great landscaping

Here's another view of the Black Sea from the roof

Detailed ceilings

We have no idea who this man in the photos is. Probably not Putin

Ornate furniture

Just relaxing on the sofa

Is that a Louis XIV chair?

Posing in the bathroom

The ornate decorations continue

This is the master bedroom

Dining room, fit for large dinners

Gorgeous paintings right on the wall

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