Putin's reappearance is a lie -- he's been out of sight for 8 days now


The Kremlin’s attempt to dispel rumours that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health had deteriorated just backfired again.

On Friday, Russian state television released footage of the “perfectly healthy” 62-year-old leader meeting with Supreme Court chairman Vyacheslav Lebedev to discuss judicial reform systems — except, the world has already seen this video, back in October of 2014.

The video appears in a news report last year:

Putin fake news1TV.RUScreen grab of news article reporting Putin’s meeting with Supreme Court chairman Vyacheslav Lebedev.

Kremlin’s statement with the same video today:

Putin’s rare absence is tallying in at 8 days. He was last seen March 5 with the Italian prime minister.

Thus far and without an official explanation, Putin cancelled a meeting at Astana, the Kazakh capital, and a meeting in Moscow with a delegation from the Georgian separatist region of South Ossetia, Reuters reports.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters on Thursday that Putin was in good health and was working as usual. Peskov told Ekho Moskvy radio station Thursday that the president was “absolutely” healthy, adding that the president’s handshake was still so strong it could “break your hand,” the Associated Press reports.

Putin will meet with the president of Kyrgyzstan early next week, the Associated Press reports, citing the Kremlin.

Putin dying?

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