Putin says Trump is not his bride and claims Americans don't know the difference between Austria and Australia

Putin criticised the US’s recent sanctions on Russian diplomatic facilities as boorish, and when asked if he was disappointed with Trump said that “he is not my bride.” Following is a transcript of the video.

The fact that Americans reduced the number of our diplomatic facilities — that’s their right. The only thing is that it was done in such a clearly boorish manner. That does not reflect well on our American partners. But it’s difficult to conduct a dialogue with people who confuse Austria and Australia. Nothing can be done about it. Probably such is the level of political culture of a certain part of the US establishment.

The American side has taken away Russia’s state rights to use our property. This is a clear violation of Russia’s property rights. Therefore, for a start, I will order the foreign ministry to go to court — and let’s see just how efficient the much-praised US judiciary is.

As for being disappointed or not disappointed – your question sounds very naive. He is not my bride, and I am not his bride or groom. We both are working for the state. Every country has its own interests. In his activity Trump is guided by the national interests of his country, me — by those of mine.

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