Putin Has Instituted A Four-Day 'Gardening Holiday' — Which Coincidentally Falls On His Inauguration


Photo: AP

Russia’s president-elect Vladimir Putin on Thursday ordered a four-day holiday in May, apparently to allow people to tend to their gardens in the countryside, AFP reports.He neglected to mention it would also coincide with his inauguration.

Putin declared that May 6-9 would be holidays, which would include World War II Victory Day on May 9, as well as his inauguration on May 7.

“…Many people have expressed a desire to have more days off in early May, which they would like to spend at their dachas working in their vegetable gardens,” the incumbent Prime Minister said at a government meeting, according to the government website.

Putin signed an official resolution to shift working days for the whole country in order for people to have a long weekend, from Sunday to Wednesday, declaring that people would work on two Saturdays (May 5 and 12) in order to have Monday, May 7, and Tuesday, May 8 off. “Four days off,” Putin said. “I ask that production work [in heavy industry] is streamlined accordingly.”

Putin was elected for his third term in office in a March 4 presidential election with over 63 per cent of votes, despite accusations of ballot rigging. The opposition has vowed to hold more anti-Putin demonstrations in early May.

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