Putin Launches Campaign Website, Instantly Attacked With Calls For Him To Resign

Vladimir Putin today launched his official website for this year’s presidential election.

You can check out the swanky website here (and the obligatory photos of him being a hero are here).

The website lays out his priorities, and the AP notes a good amount of space has been given up to the topic fighting corruption and modernizing the economy — probably an attempt to placate the thousands of Russians who have been protesting his rule.

However, we’re guessing it wasn’t enough – Reuters notes that at least a third of comments posted on the site were calling for him to resign. Administrators now appear to be limiting messages and have called the messages “spam”.

We’ve included one curio we noticed while browsing the site below. We thought it must be a mistranslation at first, but it appears to not be the only time Putin has made the claim. Either way, it’s oddly apt:

Putin Bully Website

[credit provider=”Putin2012″ url=”http://putin2012.ru/biography/1960″]