This Thai Push-Up Bra Ad Has A Very Surprising Twist

The beginning of this Thai commercial for a Wacoal push-up bra is exactly what you’d expect. Windblown hair, lace peeking out of a button down shirt … you get the idea.

It’s the ending that will take you by surprise.

See if you get the twist before the end (spoilers below):

Ads of the World didn’t list the agency responsible for the creative.

This isn’t the first ad that plays with an androgynous theme. Dutch company HEMA used Andrej Pejić, a male model, in a campaign for its push-up bra in 2011.

Hema dutch man push-up braAds of the WorldMale model Andej Pejic in a push-up bra campaign.

Earlier this year, the Thai Transgender Alliance protested an IKEA commercial that made light of a transgender woman. The “comedic” reveal was that the woman in the ad was actually born a man, and the spot ended with her boyfriend running off screaming.

Does Wacoal’s ad work or does it cross the line into the offensive?

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