This App Delivers Hot Pizza To Your Door With Literally One Push

If ordering pizza online is too much of a hassle for you, the “Push For Pizza” team has you covered.

“Push For Pizza” is a free new app that lets you order a cheese or pepperoni pizza with just one tap. Literally.

The first time you use the app, you’re prompted to input the usual address, credit card info, and your type of pizza preference.

Currently, the app only lets you choose between cheese and pepperoni pizza, so if you like to customise your pizza with layers of different toppings, you’re out of luck for now. For those looking for a little more control, you can add a few taps to the process and pick the individual pizza place, or you can tell the app to always choose the cheapest option.

Once you’ve set everything up for the first time, all you’ll need to do in the future is push the big red button and you’re all set. The pizza will be on its way, and the tip is already taken care of.

Just one push.

“Push For Pizza” goes through and, meaning the app won’t be limited to only a few certain areas, according to The Verge’s Ellis Hamburger.

You can download “Push For Pizza” for iPhone over at the App Store.

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