20 behind-the-scenes photos of the National Dog Show that prove these pups are the hardest-working dogs in show business

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesA dog rests during a commercial break.

Now in its 18th year, the National Dog Show is a beloved Thanksgiving tradition watched by 20 million people. It follows the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast on NBC.

This year, 2,000 dogs of 200 different breeds competed for the coveted Best in Show title. The winner, a bulldog named Thor, took the top spot with his “outstanding overall attitude.”

But there are adorable moments that you didn’t see on the air. Here are 20 behind-the-scenes photos from the National Dog Show.

Before they appear on camera and are evaluated by judges, the dogs are groomed to perfection.

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesA dog reacts while being groomed during the National Dog Show.

Their coats are carefully combed and fluffed.

Grooming kits also make great pillows.

Nancy Schwartz/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesTaking a nap.

This standard poodle was snoozing on set.

Some of the smaller dogs wear blankets to keep warm.

Bill McCay/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesGetting cosy.

An Italian greyhound wore a patterned blanket backstage.

It can get pretty cold back there.

Bill McCay/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesA Pembroke Welsh corgi with an entourage.

The Pembroke Welsh corgi’s fan club made sure there was no shortage of ear scratches.

Cuddling up to their owners also works in a pinch.

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesAn owner uses an iPhone as a dog sleeps on her lap during the National Dog Show.

The dogs have some downtime when they’re not on stage.

Handlers also sneak in naps when they can.

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesA handler sleeps during the National Dog Show.

Handling prize-winning dogs is hard work.

The dogs and handlers share a special bond.

Nancy Schwartz/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesWarm hugs.

This was the Azawakh dog breed’s first year in the National Dog Show.

It takes a lot of work and training to make it to the National Dog Show.

Bill McCay/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesA dalmatian at the National Dog Show.

Getting to the National Dog Show often requires instructional classes and practice shows.

Handlers keep dog treats in their pockets to reward stellar performances …

Bill McCay/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesA Brussels griffon.

Brussels griffon dogs are known for being devoted and intelligent.

… and reward the hardworking pups with their favourite toys.

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesA golden retriever at the National Dog Show.

Zipadee, a 3-year-old golden retriever, loves her frog toy.

Backstage, the dogs can let loose.

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesGlen-Ellis the Italian greyhound leaps up to her handler.

Glen-Ellis, a 3-year-old Italian greyhound, was very excited to be there.

The dogs also have a chance to practice their stunts.

Bill McCay/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesA flying disc performer at the National Dog Show.

There’s a separate competition for dogs who perform tricks,The Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge.

It’s hard to resist a table piled with delicious bones, but these dogs are professionals.

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesThey have to wait their turn.

This Bernese mountain dog gazed wistfully at a table of bones backstage.

The National Dog Show broadcast is hosted by actor John O’Hurley.

Bill McCay/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesFrom left to right: David Frei, Havanese the dog, and John O’Hurley.

This was his 12th year hosting the show.

When he’s not on TV, he visits the dogs backstage.

Bill McCay/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesJohn O’Hurley backstage at the National Dog Show.

A long-haired dachshund gave the host a sloppy kiss.

The show is broadcast live, with cue cards helping O’Hurley with his hosting duties.

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesA cue card holder at work.

“Dogs always seem to be there for us,” O’Hurley said to introduce a segment.

With 20 million people watching, everything has to go smoothly.

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesBehind the scenes at the National Dog Show.

Members of production staff watch the video feed to make sure everything looks right.

Dogs are the stars of the show, but even they don’t get all-access passes.

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesA placard states ‘NO DOGS ALLOWED’ outside a restroom during the National Dog Show.

There are no dogs allowed in the bathroom at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Centre at Oaks in Pennsylvania, where the competition is held.

Trophy polishers make sure the Best in Show award is ready to go.

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesA member of staff arranges a trophy for ‘Best in Show’ winner.

The trophy also comes with a $US20,000 prize.

A bulldog named Thor won the Best in Show prize this year.

Mark Makela/Getty ImagesThor enjoying a snack after winning Best in Show.

He beat out 2,000 other dogs to win the prestigious title.

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