Pure Takes The 'Dating' Out Of Dating Apps And Just Helps You Get Sex On Demand

It’s evident that more people are starting to use their smartphones for tasks that they never imagined.

Take for example, hailing a cab. there are a ton of apps that can bring a taxi straight to where you are without having to speak to anyone.

Based on that fact, it’s only natural that we would eventually use our phones to meet new people too.

Apps like OkCupid, HowAboutWe, and Tinder are used by millions of people to make new connections.

This notion has also sparked a sexual app revolution that’s starting to really pick up. Led by apps like Grindr and Bang With Friends, there isn’t really an app that explicit helps you to find someone to have sex with on-demand.

What if you could use your phone to deliver sex to where you are?

That’s the idea behind a new app called Pure.

But don’t think of it as prostitution. With Pure, you connect with ready and willing individuals around you.

In the most basic sense, Pure wants to help you get laid. The app turns finding willing sexual partners into a transactional experience.

Pure’s on-demand sex model uses and approach similar to Uber, the app that lets you hail a cab from your smartphone:

  • You want to have sex.
  • You launch the app and browse people around you.
  • Someone around you wants to have sex too.
  • If you both like what you see, you can agree to meet up.
  • One hour later your conversation and all other data in the app is deleted.

Pure is trying to strip away all of formalities that come along with online dating apps like OkCupid.

“I used to be an active user of different dating sites and I was always bored with the idea that you need to talk with people to understand what they are up to right now,” Pure’s co-founder Roman Sidorenko told Business Insider. Sidorenk wanted to come up with a solution for finding sex easily and safely.

He didn’t want to go the adult industry route because he described it as, “too sketchy,” so he decided to use his tech experience and create Pure instead.

“I hated all the endless chatting that was going on [in other apps]. With Pure, we want to make this as instant as possible. Like getting a cab,” Sidorenko said.

Pure is aiming for a specific audience, those who want to get laid right now with no strings attached.

Waiting For A Response

Pure will be a paid app. His business model incorporates an in-app purchase system that charges users $US9.99 for a 24-hour pass. The pass will allow members to submit unlimited sex requests in that one-day period.

Pure is planning to launch very soon, but it needs Apple’s approval first. It’ll begin with a waiting list and then after that open up to the general public.

We’ll be paying close attention to Pure and it’s launch. We’ll keep you updated.

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