Eerie Purdue University Classroom Video Shows What It's Like To Be In The Same Building As A Shooting

An eerie video from a Purdue University lecture that took place simultaneously to a campus shooting shows the uncertainty and discomfort that often surrounds these tragic events.

Purdue student Sarah Everhart uploaded a YouTube video from her economics lecture that was held in the same building as Tuesday’s fatal shooting that left one student dead and another as the main suspect.

However, at the time of the shooting, no one in the class had any information aside from barely intelligible shouts yelling “get down, get down.” As another student in the class told The Purdue Exponent, “the students and faculty in the lab dismissed the noise as horseplay and ‘laughed it off at first.'”

Dan Reimold at College Media Matters sums the video up well:

Blissfully unaware the commotion is tied to a shooting only steps away, the prof rolls with it. She offers a few lighthearted jokes, mixed with slightly nervous laughter. She continues teaching. A moment later, the shouts resume. The inflection in her voice as she questions this second disruption is more serious. Then the kicker: An authoritative voice booming out from the back orders everyone to leave the building pronto. The professor complies, dropping her marker, mid-equation.

You can watch the full video below:

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