IT’S OFFICIAL: Albert Pujols Shocks Everyone And Signs With The Angels For $250 Million


It looks like the deal is done, according to ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo! and everyone else. 10 years, ~$250 million.

MLB has confirmed it as well.

What a shocker. Even when the Marlins were making a hard push for Pujols two days ago, everyone expected him to ultimately end up back in St. Louis. But nobody thought the Angels would come out of nowhere and blow everyone out of the water.

We don’t know the terms of the deal yet, but since Pujols is going to be 32 years old in January, you’d expect the yearly salary to decline as he inches toward 40.


Albert Pujols will sign with the Angels for between $250 million and $260 million over 10 years, Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports reports.

If it’s true, it’s a major coup for Anaheim, and a major loss for St. Louis.

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