Puerto Rico Plans To Slaughter Millions Of Iguanas And Sell Their Meat In The US


Photo: Wikimedia

Ever had to call an exterminator because a couple annoying pests invaded your house?What if, instead of a few varmints, there were millions of them?

That scenario is unfolding in Puerto Rico, where the government has embarked on a sweeping campaign to eradicate the roughly 4 million iguanas populating the island and bring their meat stateside, the AP reports.

A non-native species first seen on the island in the 1970s, iguanas have been blamed for taking over airport runways, wreaking havoc on building foundations and causing blackouts by building nests near the warmth of power plants.

The government’s plan is to train volunteers to trap the creatures and bring them to a processing centre “for slaughter and distribution” to the lower 48.

According to the article, Latino and Asian immigrants in the U.S. have shown high demand for the meat, which allegedly tastes like stronger, tougher chicken.

Officials hope to market the meat at $6 a pound.

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