Publisher Says Apple's "Newsstand" Increased Digital Magazine Sales 750%

apple newsstand

The Apple Newsstand launched with iOS 5 last week, and it is already having a big effect on publishers.

Future Publishing, a United Kingdom-based company that sells 3.2 million print magazines a month and specialises in technology and video game magazines, reported a 750% increase in the number of sales, according to The Next Web.

In fact, the “magazine publisher see its normal monthly sales eclipsed in just four days.”

And that’s not a small number.

Between October 13 and October 17, users downloaded one of Future Publishing’s 50 titles more than two million times.

Elsewhere, 18 of the top 100 free apps in the iTunes App Store and 14 of the top 100 paid ones are on the newsstand, GigaOm’s Darrell Etherington reports.

Did other publishers have similar experiences? Let us know ([email protected]; 646.376.6016).

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