The biggest game of 2017 is finally finished, and it will launch on December 20

PUBG Corp.
  • The most popular game of 2017 will come out of early access to become a fully released game on PC on December 20.
  • Xbox One players will get to play a preview on December 12.
  • The finished game will come with a new desert map called Miramar.
  • New weapons, vehicles, and overall game optimizations will also be included.

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is the most popular game of 2017. It has sold over 24 million copies and has boasted 3 million concurrent online players on the Steam gaming platform – and the full game isn’t even technically out yet. “PUBG” has been in “early access” since it was made available to play in March.

Early-access games are usually unfinished, and it’s a stage in a game’s development when players can get a taste for the game with the understanding that they can run into bugs and unfinished features. But the early-access version of “PUBG” was clearly good enough.

The goal of the game is to be the last person standing among 100 live online players who have parachuted onto an island. You can scavenge weapons, armour, health kits, and boosters along the way to help you obtain your “chicken dinner,” the ultimate prize for surviving when 99 others could not.

Announced during the annual Game Awards on Thursday evening, a new trailer from PUBG Corp. said “PUBG” would come out of early release and become a fully released game on PC on December 20. PUBG Corp. said in a press release: “We believe that we’ve completed the core Battle Royale structure for PUBG.”

Xbox One players will also get to play a preview of the game on December 12.

The game will come with a new desert map called Miramar to accompany the original map called Erangel.

Check out the trailer:

Three new weapons that will be exclusive to Miramar will also be introduced, including a beefy revolver called the R45, a Western-style rifle called the Win94, and a sawed-off shotgun.

Pubg r45PUBG Corp.

Three new vehicles will also be available on both maps, including a six-seater van, a four-seater pickup truck, and the “Aquarail,” a two-seater watercraft seemingly made of wood.

Pubg aquarailPUBG Corp.

A variety of optimizations and gameplay improvements are also expected, like the ability to bandage up or take boosts while in a vehicle, improved sound effects and animations, and general performance improvements to reduce lag.

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