A small cafe in Canberra is gaining international fame for its crazy dessert menu

PâtissezInstagram/breakfastincanberraThe cafe has 4 ‘epic freak shakes’ on the menu.

A small bakery in Canberra, Australia is gaining international fame because of its eclectic menu. 

Although Pâtissez only opened 7 weeks ago, its unique desserts are spreading virally on social media and bringing in customers in droves. 

“I wanted to do some really great shakes, and so ridiculous and over the top that people just had to take a photo of it before they ate it,” Anna Petridis, co-owner of Pâtissez, told The Canberra Times.    

Petridis along with her mother Gina, both co-owners of Pâtissez, recently appeared on My Kitchen Rulesa televised cooking competition program in Australia.

The mother-daughter duo partnered with Ismael and Astrid Toorawa, two French pastry chefs, to open the popular cafe, according to The Canberra Times.

Pâtissez has four ‘epic freak shakes’, which retail for $US9.50 each.

These include a chocolate fudge brownie shake, a salted caramel shake, a nutella & salted pretzel shake, and a french vanilla shake. 

Check out some of the milkshakes:


“I have people waiting an hour for a table, and they will wait 45 minutes for a shake, because we put a lot of time into them and once we run out that’s it for the day — all this is house made, down to the brownie and the marshmallow,” Petridis told The Canberra Times.



“It was like drinking nutella from the jar, but the cream, salted caramel and crushed pretzels took it to another level,” wrote Sophia Carlini of the The RiotACT on her nutella & salted pretzel shake.


The shakes have gotten so popular that the cafe is having a hard time keeping up with the demand.

“Finally…every element that goes in to each shake is house made (with exception to Mr. Nutella Pretzel) so there is a limit to how much we have each day & with how mad people are for them we sell out of most by the afternoon,” the cafe wrote in an Instagram post

Pâtissez also has a number of cool cakes and pastries. Check out this BuzzFeed article for more on the creations. 

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