It's your last chance to play one of 2014's best games before it's gone forever

If you own a PlayStation 4, today is the day to download the amazing (and free!) game “P.T.”

What is “P.T.”? That requires some explanation.

The highly-anticipated horror game “Silent Hills” was officially canceled on Monday. “P.T.” — the “playable teaser” for “Silent Hills” — is still available to download, despite the cancellation. It’s free for all PlayStation 4 owners.

“P.T.” will be able to download and play until April 29. After that, it will be impossible to download the game from the PlayStation Network. That’s just two days away!

Konami, the Japanese publisher behind the “Silent Hill” franchise, provided the following statement to Business Insider:

P.T. is being removed from the PSN store because it was created as a playable teaser for ‘Silent Hills,’ and the distribution period and licence usage within the demo have both now expired.

I called “P.T.” the best game experience from 2014. Though it was a small-scale game, it was extremely focused: The game asked players to explore a single hallway in a house to find a way out.

The game is psychologically unnerving and brimming with ambiance: Creaking wood, crackling radio, and eerie, otherworldly noises that sound human and inhuman all at once. And the game had hyper-realistic visuals, too, thanks to the powerful graphics engine built by Kojima Productions. Here, look at it in action:

The game also required a surprising level of collaboration: You can’t even beat the final puzzle of “P.T.” unless you know several different languages. “P.T.” required crowdsourcing to decipher all the clues and get out of that endlessly-looping hallway.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, boot up the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 4 and download “P.T.” Did we mention that it’s free!

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