Psy Imposter Fools Cannes Partygoers And Festival organisers For Free Swag

Psy imposterThis Psy imposter duped party-goers, celebrity fans and Cannes Film Festival organisers.

Singer Psy has been spotted all around the Cannes Film Festival attending parties, premieres, posing for photos with fans, picking up free swag and even dancing on a French TV show.

The only problem? It wasn’t actually Psy, it was an imposter.

The imposter was so convincing that even photo agencies have misidentified the man and he has weasled his way into the most exclusive parties.

He “attended millionaire oil magnate and fashion designer Goga Ashkenazi and Le Baron’s ‘secret party’ at the Château de Garibondy. Photos show Faux Psy in sunglasses grabbing a mike behind a DJ booth,” reports the NY Post. “He had three security guards with him at all times, in suits and earpieces. He was scamming free drinks and bottle service.”

Even “Skyfall” actress Naomie Harris also fell for the act, tweeting an image of herself posing with faux Psy at the Chopard party:

Ultimately, the real Psy — who is currently in Singapore — got wind of fake Psy and tweeted:

The real Psy further called out his imposter by posting this photo:

A Cannes organiser emailed colleagues yesterday: “We’ve been duped. I had a conversation with his label . . . it [wasn’t] him, just a look-alike.”

Watch fake Psy teach a TV host how to “Gangnam Style” dance (:30):

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