Stunning Photos Of Rioting In The Streets Of Paris During Today's Big Soccer Championship Parade

paris psg riot fireworks

Fan violence marred the championship parade for French soccer league champions Paris St. Germain today.

21 people were arrested, 30 people were injured, and 800 riot police were deployed when a group of fans became unruly and started lighting flares, breaking car windows, and otherwise clashing with police, the AP reports.

Star players like David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were shuttled to safety before the situation escalated. It was the club’s first title in 19 years.

PSG has been working hard to end its reputation for hooliganism. But the stunning images from the streets of Paris today will be a stain on the club.

A fan throws debris at riot police

Fans shoot off flares and fireworks in the streets

A fan throws a tear gas can back at police

Tear gas canisters explode early in the afternoon

Police approach a group of fans with flares

Police approach a group of rioters

A hooded fan is brought to the ground

Police walk past a flare

Police stare down fans who dance with a flare

Fans run through plumes of tear gas

Fans father under the Eiffel Tower

Fans light a flare toward the end of the afternoon

Riot police stand guard before the Arc de Triomphe

Debris in front of the Eiffel Tower following the riots

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