Your PlayStation 4 is about to get a ton of new features

I know what you’re thinking: You’ve been playing so much “No Man’s Sky” on your PS4 that you want to put the rest of your games on the console’s home screen in a folder because you don’t need them anymore.

No Man's Sky floating islandsHello GamesThe new update will make it easier than ever to share your ‘No Man’s Sky’ discoveries.

Or, perhaps you’d like to share your “Overwatch” plays of the game on Twitter, but the 10-second video limit isn’t enough to showcase your skills.

Luckily for you, both of those concerns and many others will be addressed in an upcoming PS4 system software update. The 4.00 update is going into beta for people who signed up a while back, and the PlayStation Blog has a list of the biggest upcoming features:

  • New system backgrounds
  • A generally cleaned up (but not drastically different) home menu.
  • A new Quick Menu (press and hold the PlayStation button) will only take up part of the screen and allow you to customise what information it shows, like your friends list and parties.
  • Hitting the share button will now bring up a streamlined menu that allows 140-second video uploads to Twitter instead of just 10-second uploads.
  • You can organise your apps and games into folders on the PS4 home screen.

There are a couple of other small improvements to the trophy system and user profiles, and Sony promises even more features to come when the software update goes live.

These are smart updates, obviously. The PS4 home screen gets a little cluttered when you have too many games, so folders will alleviate that. I’ll also be happy to share my great “Overwatch” moments on Twitter now that I have more than 10 seconds of video to work with.

Again, these features are going into beta for select PS4 users soon, but we don’t know when everyone will get them yet. More information about that is promised “in the coming weeks.”

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