Sony says it's going to let people play their PlayStation 4 games on their computer

Uncharted-4SonyYou could soon be able to play the ‘Uncharted’ games on your desktop computer.

Sony has announced that it’s going to enable PlayStation 4 customers to play their games on desktop computers using the console’s “Remote Play” function.

The Remote Play functionality is going to come to both Windows PCs and Mac computers, and gamers will be able to play PS4 games they already own on those systems by streaming the games from their console.

The news wasn’t published in a press release. Instead, The Next Web reports that Sony’s president of worldwide studios sent a tweet confirming that the company was working on releasing a desktop version of Remote Play:

It’s important to note that Xbox One customers can already stream games to their Windows computer, so Sony adding the functionality wouldn’t be a first. But it would be the first major console developer to allow gamers to stream games to Mac computers.

Sony recently announced plans to introduce support for PlayStation 2 emulation on the PlayStation 4 console. That would allow gamers to play old games on the newer console, possibly by downloading them from an online store.

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