PS3 Tops Xbox 360 for Netflix Usage

By M.H. Williams

According to a new report by broadband company Sandvine, Netflix accounts for 24.71 per cent of the total internet traffic in the United States.  BitTorrent traffic is in second place with 17.23 per cent, HTTP sites boast a 17.18 take, and YouTube sits at 9.85 per cent.

When downstream traffic only is measured, Netflix rises to 29.70 per cent, up from 20.61 per cent in Sandvine’s report last year.  HTTP, YouTube, BitTorrent, and Flash Video bring up the rear with 18.36 per cent, 11.04 per cent, 10.37 per cent, and 4.88 per cent respectively.

And where are people going to fulfil their Netflix habit? Interestingly, despite the fact that Xbox 360 had Netflix first and didn’t require any sort of start-up disc, PlayStation 3 actually is the leading device for watching Netflix with 30.57 per cent of the total traffic.  The Xbox 360 is number two with 24.94 per cent while Netflix’s original streaming platform – the PC – has a 19.55 per cent share.  The Wii’s lack of HD streaming leaves it at 10.75 per cent, which is still above every other device in the report.  All told, 66.26 per cent of all Netflix watching is done on home consoles.

The average Netflix user consumes 1 GB of data per day, while those getting their Netflix on with a console consume 2.5 GB per day.  These numbers are huge, and that’s before Star Trek launches on Netflix streaming.

Come on, you know you’re waiting for it too.