PS3 Sales Won’t Be Hurt By PSN Crisis Says Top Analyst

By James Brightman

PlayStation Network being down is pretty frustrating for many gamers and the PR hit that Sony is taking because of the stolen personal information from PSN is significant, but at the end of the day, Sony’s PS3 may be just fine. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter surprisingly sees no real impact on PS3 hardware sales as a result of this PSN fiasco, nor does he see gamers flocking en masse to Xbox 360.

“Of course, this is bad for Sony’s image, and they have to fix the breach and ensure that it doesn’t happen again, or they will risk losing customers forever,” Pachter told IndustryGamers. “I don’t think people switch sides in large numbers based on this, considering that few will really have lost very much at all (two weeks of Call of Duty multiplayer is probably the biggest loss), and to ‘switch sides’ means buying a 360 and paying $60/year for XBL. I think that Sony is in good shape as long as there is not another incident. If there’s another breach, it would be pretty bad.”

“No, I don’t think PS3 sales will be impacted at all. Late adopters are far less likely to care about PSN than early adopters,” he concluded.

We’ll be curious to see how the hardware numbers for April and May turn out given the serious backlash from this outage and stolen account information.