PS3 Has Record-Breaking Week In Japan

How much will Sony’s PlayStation 3 price cut boost sales in the US?

We don’t know yet. But a similar cut in Japan has revved up business big time.

Following a 25% price chop, Sony’s (SNE) newer, slimmer PlayStation 3 sold 150,252 units in Japan during the first week of its release there, Bloomberg reports, citing numbers by research firn Enterbrain.

That’s a weekly record. The new console went on sale on September 3, 2009, and sales in that week have been the highest since the PlayStation was introduced in Japan in November 2006.


In Japan, the console costs 29,980 yen or $323 after a 25% price-cut. Following a 25% price cut, the console costs $299 in the U.S.. Analysts expect the chop will boost sales 60%.

Image: ffg

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