PS3 Grabs More Market Share, Still In Third Place


Sony’s hope that its highly-rated PS3-exclusive shooter game Killzone 2 would bring gamers to its console is working, sort of.

The NPD group released its US console numbers for February, and Sony — still in third place — is showing improvement. The PS3 console sold 276,000 to arch-rival Microsoft’s (MSFT) 391,000, 71% of the cheaper X360’s sales. That’s a bit better than January, when Sony only saw 65% as much action as Microsoft, or the all-important month of December, when the X360 outsold the PS3 2-to-1.

Nintendo (NTDOY), of course, continues to dominate with its Wii, which saw sales of 753,000, and its Wii Fit, still the #1 selling game in the USA.