PS3 Price Cut Could Boost Sales By 60%

ps3 tbi

Sony’s (SNE) $100 PS3 price cut could boost up its sales by as much as 60% in September, the NPD Group told InformationWeek:

“The $299 price point is important to getting to a point where the next segment of price-conscious consumers can jump into the market and it most certainly will re-energize sales of the platform,” NPD analyst Anita Frazier told InformationWeek in an interview via e-mail. “We would expect to see in the range of a 40% to 60% unit sales increase when September sales are reported.”

This is obviously what Sony (SNE) is hoping for. But at $299, the PS3 is still the highest priced console. (The Wii costs $249 and the Xbox is as cheap as $199.)

And as The NPD Group notes, the types of games available will also affect sales. And Sony’s price cut will look less impressive if rivals cut prices, too:

“Content is still the key motivator of a hardware purchase decision,” Frazier said. “Other systems might too take a price cut, so there’s a lot playing into which system tops sales any particular month.”

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