Prove Your Worth With Stack Overflow's New Job Hunting Site

Joel Spolsky profile on Stack Overflow Careers 2.0

The job market for tech employees is hot, but recruiters may not always know that employees actually have the skills they’re claiming.

Stack Overflow, a Q&A site popular among programmers, launched a new careers site called Careers 2.0 at the Launch conference in San Francisco this morning that addresses the problem. The site will give programmers a chance to prove their worth to employers by posting actual code samples — not just the typical resumes and links.

Unlike typical online resume mills like, Careers 2.0 is invitation-only for job hunters — you need to be recommended by a peer or by the folks at Stack Overflow. Once you’re in, you can link to any answers you’ve posted to programming questions on Stack Overflow, which lets you prove that you actually know C++.

To post jobs and hunt for employees, employers subscribe to the site for a period of time ranging from one week ($500) to one year ($5,000). 

Tech recruiting is increasingly turning to these kinds of personal recommendations — earlier this year, TopProspect launched a job hunting site that lets programmers recommend one another, bypassing mid-level recruiters.

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