Protestors In Ukraine Threw One Of Their Politicians Into A Rubbish Bin

A group of protestors waiting outside Ukraine’s parliament grabbed Economic Development Party member Vitaly Zhuravsky and threw him headfirst into a rubbish bin.

Zhuravsky, dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase, had no one come to his aid as the group held him down in the bin.

A can of some sort of liquid was poured over him, then a tyre was chucked in for good measure.

The group gave no reason for the attack, but Zhuravsky is known as something of a hardliner and in January, he authorised a bill tightening restrictions on anti-government protests.

Eventually, men dressed in military uniforms came to his aid, but whatever your political allegiances, it was an alarming scene. Certainly one that’s in stark contrast to this Twitter pic of Switzerland’s president catching a train that went viral earlier this month.

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