Protestors arrested after climbing the roof of Tony Abbott’s electorate office in Sydney

Protesters talk with NSW Police above Tony Abbott’s electorate office in Manly. Photo: Annette Bamback.

Protesters who clambered atop Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s electorate office roof in the Sydney beachside suburb of Manly to protest were arrested by NSW Police.

The four individuals protesting the Australian government’s detention of asylum seekers scaled the three-floor building on Sydney Road this morning, ahead of Abbott’s National Press Club speech at 11:30am.

Police negotiators spoke with the protestors and these talks ended in their eventual arrests. Several other protesters were reportedly downstairs inside the electorate office.

Last night’s Australian Open final in Melbourne was stopped during the second set when protestors made it onto centre court at Rod Laver Arena calling for the Manus Island detention centre to be closed. Two were arrested and six others were interviewed by police and evicted from Melbourne Park.

It’s also been reported that a Qantas flight out of Melbourne was delayed this morning when several passengers refused to sit down, protesting against the deportation of a Tamil asylum seeker.