Protesters In Chicago Leave CME Group Chairman A Golden Toilet

golden toilet

[credit provider=”Photoshop by Business Insider”]

Protesters in Chicago marched on the headquarters of the CME Group this morning in an attempt to give the chairman his very own throne — a golden toilet, the Chicago Tribune reported.Demonstrators from Stand Up! Chicago — a pact of labour union members and community groups — tried to bestow CME chairman Terry Duffy with a gold toilet topped with a red bow.

The golden toilet was actually meant as a gesture to express their displeasure with that state and local incentive packages the CME has received, the report said.

Last year, the CME Group threaten to leave Illinois after the state said it would raise corporate taxes temporarily.  Now they’re getting a major tax break, according to the report. 

The protesters, who were chanting “How do you put folks back to work? Tax, tax, tax the Merc,” were unsuccessful in their attempt to summon Duffy to the CME Group’s lobby to collect his prize.

So they left the toilet behind.