San Francisco Protesters Stalked A Google Employee At His Home And Blocked Him In

The San Francisco protests about tech companies giving employees free buses, just got even uglier.

A local group says it blocked in a Google employee at his house yesterday morning.

Not only did it block the Google employee at his home, but it also had a report on what the employee does in the morning, suggesting that it’s been stalking him, keeping an eye on his routine.

The Google employee is Anthony Levandowski. He leads Google’s self-driving car project, and he worked on street-view before that.

Ars Technica was the first we saw to pick up on this story. It got its information from a local news site, IndyBay.

Here’s what the group that was blocking Levandowski wrote at IndyBay:

At 7am this morning, a group of people went to the home of Anthony Levandowski, a Google X developer. His house is a pompous, minimally decorated two story palace with stone lions guarding the door. After ringing his doorbell to alert him of the protest, a banner was held in front of his house that read “Google’s Future Stops Here” and fliers about him were distributed around the neighbourhood. The fliers detailed his work with the defence industry and his plans to develop luxury condos in Berkeley.

In the flier it was handing out, it had some creepy detail on Levandowski. Via Ars, here’s what the group wrote:

Preparing for the action, we watched Levandowski step out of his front door. He had Google Glasses over his eyes, carried his baby in his arm, and held a tablet with his free hand. As he descended the stairs with the baby, his eyes were on the tablet through the prism of his Google Glasses, not on the life against his chest. He appeared in this moment like the robot he admits that he is.

There are men and women in the Congo, slaving away in giant pits in order to extract gold and other precious metals from the earth. This gold will go into phones and tablets made by companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Anthony Levandowski has never worked in a pit mine nor will his children. People like him are exempt from this type of degrading and exploitative labour. Instead, he can casually stare at his screens as if there was not human blood making this technology possible, as if there was not a life in his hands.

This is quickly turning into a really terrible situation. We’re not sure what Google is going to do, but hopefully its employees will not have to worry about protesters harassing them at their homes.

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