Watch what happens after FIFA's Sepp Blatter has a wad of cash thrown at him

A FIFA press conference with Sepp Blatter was delayed after a protester got on stage and threw a stack of fake money at Blatter. The moment was captured in the amazing photo above by Reuters photographer Arnd Wiegmann.

Blatter was expected to announce when the election for the next FIFA president would take place when the protester arrived, reportedly put money on the podium, and then threw it in the air.

Reporters at the press conference say it was British comedian Simon Brodkin, who is known for playing a character named Lee Nelson. 

Here’s the incident:

Brodkin addressed the crowd first before throwing the money:

The money went everywhere:

Blatter apparently wasn’t happy:

 An employee had to clean up the bills while the press conference waited to resume:

The press conference has since resumed. Blatter announced the election for the next FIFA president is scheduled for February 26, 2016.

Blatter announced his resignation as FIFA president in June, shortly after being elected to his fifth straight term.

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